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Potential Authentication Issues due to Auth0 Outage


Auth0 has resolved their issues across the US region and Blumira is no longer seeing failures for login, we will update this issue with the Root Cause Analysis when provided by Auth0.


Auth0, the provider of Blumira’s secure storage of credentials for authentication into the application experienced service outages starting at 15:43 UTC and ending at 20:52 UTC when they reported restoration of the US-1 region.

This outage from our authentication provider did not impact detections or notifications, but did affect the ability to authenticate into the application.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and await confirmation from Auth0 that their services are fully recovered.

We will continue to post additional updates on our own status page and have added the ability to receive notifications of further status updates via the “subscribe” button.


Auth0 is the authentication provider Blumira utilizes to ensure secure storage and authentication into the application. As of 10 minutes ago (15:43 UTC) Auth0 notified via their status page that they have an ongoing incident with increased error rates. This is resulting in intermittent failure to authenticate with the Blumira application.

This does not impact detections or notifications, only the ability to authenticate into the application. We are following the Auth0 status closely and will update when additional details are available.